An old house, a neglectful landlord and an abusive ohana tennant.

The house.

We moved into this house in April of 2021. (2 adults, 2 toddlers, 2 dogs). It wasn’t the best house, but it was what we could afford for market rate in kailua at the time ($2,900/m).

When we arrived the living room stunk like cat urine. We asked for it to be cleaned again and the landlord sent the same cleaner over who did the carpets (rendering them unusable for 2 days) and they sill reeked.

In the “yard” old rusty fences with sharp wires surrounded a big infested dirt patch with all manner of debris embedded. In one corner, large pieces of jagged metal stuck our from the first, and when one of our pups cut her paw so badly she had to go to hospital, Mrs Driggs (landlord) basically waved her hand and gave a “be more careful.”

Chunks of concrete along the side path and big cracks were dangerous for the children.

The house also came with a cat who had been abandoned a few tenants before us. We are allergic to cats and have two dogs and two small kids so were no thrilled, and it was NOT mentioned. We have take the time to befriend and feed and take care of the cat over the last two years.

We noticed early on there were termites and droppings in several places. Mrs Driggs had the landlord

349c Keaniani St, Kaulia Hawaii 96734
Sharp metal pieces were half-buried through the yard. 349c Keaniani St, Kaulia Hawaii 96734
349c Keaniani St, Kaulia Hawaii 96734
Infested with bugs and flies, the yard was just dirt and weeds.
349c Keaniani St, Kaulia Hawaii 96734
The metal in the yard sent our dog to the hospital. 349c Keaniani St, Kaulia Hawaii 96734

The landlord/s.

The house is owned by a separated couple Lisa and Michael Driggs. Lisa is the landlord, and is mostly pleasant – until it comes to anything to do with the house, or caring for those within.

Initially they were relatively responsive with things, but when it came to paying for ANYTHING they were quick to place blame, or send a quite terrible family friend handyman. This changed as we went on, and issues arose over the course of our tenancy.

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